Outlet store Bealls credit card

Which Bealls credit card are you interested in? Bealls Texas? Or the similar sounding Bealls of Florida? (also known as Bealls Outlet) You will find info on both these credit cards on this page. Also details on how to apply for each one. And account holders can also login.


Bealls credit card – Texas

The Premier Rewards program offers the following benefits to Bealls credit card holders.

As a Preferred Bealls credit card customer you will receive :-

  • $10 paid back for each $250 spent.
  • $10 on your birthday.
  • Two personal sales days every year.
  • A reward at christmas.
  • Advance news & sales notice.
  • Money saving coupons six times each year.
  • No annual fee.

If you spend $750 on your  in one year on your bealls credit card you will be upgraded to Platinum status. Both credit cards are similar but you will then receive :-

  • $10 paid back for each $250 spent.
  • $20 on your birthday.
  • Two personal sales days every year.
  • A reward at christmas.
  • Advance news & sales notice.
  • Money saving coupons twelve times each year.
  • Free gift wrap.
  • Free shipping on online + special orders.
  • No annual fee.

bealls credit cardThese Bealls credit card offers apply to any of the following stores – Bealls Stores, Peebles, Stage, Palais Royal and Goody’s. Each brand also offer their own credit cards (eg a Peebles credit card). These carry exactly the same benefits and privileges as above. You may go shopping at well over 800 stores across the US or search for your goods online. Between them they have a long history of supplying quality family apparel, shoes, jewelry, gifts, home and beauty products.



 bealls credit card Florida

The Bealls Florida Rewards program offers the following benefits to Bealls of Florida credit card holders.

As a Bealls of Florida credit card customer you will receive the following:-

  • $10 paid back for each $200 spent.
  • Exclusive discounts & special offers.
  • Advance news & sales notice.
  • No annual fee.

bealls store card rewardAs a Bealls of Florida customer you can shop in store or online. Products supplied include mens’, womens’ (including a large rand of plus size and lingerie) and kids’ clothing. This includes a large range of swimwear. Also shoes, accessories, jewelry and items for the home. As part of this group there are over 260 Bealls Outlet Stores in Florida, Arizona and Georgia. Also 200 + Burkes Outlets operating across the US sunbelt.


You can open an online account with either card. You can then:-

  • Pay online.
  • Manage your credit card payment options.
  • Manage your stored personal info.
  • Manage your stored account settings.
  • Manage your Responsibility Card accounts.
  • Apply for a credit limit increase.
  • Add up to 4 authorized buyers.
  • Have easy access 365 days a year.


Each Bealls credit card is issued by Comenity Bank. The current APR is 24.99%.


Would you care to apply for a Bealls credit card account (Texas)? Then please go to beallstx credit card application and sign up today.

Or phone customer care on (800) 743-8730 FREE .

Account holders can login here.


Or would you prefer a bealls credit card Florida account? Then please go to beallsflorida credit card application.

Or call the customer care line on 1-800-569-9038.

If you already have an account you may login here.


Please note AGAIN that there are two Bealls retail chains. There is much confusion between Bealls Texas and Bealls of Florida.

Bealls of Florida are a United States retail chain with over 560 department stores. They are situated right across the sunbelt states. One of their main outlets is their Florida Bloomingdales department store. This is quite possibly the largest of all Florida department stores.

There are two divisions to the chain. Bealls Outlet Stores. And Bealls Department Stores.

Their product lines include:

Clothing for women – including plus size ranges and lingerie.

Clothing for men.

Juniors’ / guys’ clothing.

Kids’ clothing.

Baby clothes and toys.


Shoes & sandals.

Jewelry & accessories.

Items for the home.


It is also possible to shop with Bealls online. They have a very good range in their online catalog. They hold many different lines. There are options of many styles and brands.

Coupons at Bealls of Florida.

Take a look on the company site. Or try one of the many coupon sites on the web. There are always many offers and promotions. These range from specific amounts off to free shipping. Many coupon offers last for two days only.


Working for Bealls of Florida.

Bealls believe in empowering their staff. They boast that they are committed  to the encouragement and support of each employee. They believe that what an individual does outside of work is as important as what he does during working hours. So extra curricular activity is one of their main employment criteria. You can search for available jobs on Monster.com.

The company operates an internship program for students before they graduate. The aim is for each student to work in as many different areas of the company as possible.


bealls floridaHistory of Bealls of Florida.

Robert M. Beall open his first store in 1915. This was called “The Dollar Limit”. His Florida store flourished and soon moved premises. In 1946 “The Five Dollar Limit” (as it was now known) again went through a name change. The first Bealls Department Store was born. With Robert’s son E.R. now in the business, expansion was on the horizon. The second store opened in 1956. And another in 1961. In 1980 E.R.’s son Bob took over as company president. The chain was now producing $38 million in sales annually. The Bealls Outlet chain began in 1987. Five years later the first ‘non-Florida’ store opened in Arizona.

Today there are over 560 Bealls Outlet stores and Burke’s Outlets across the USA sunbelt.

You can find out more about shopping at Bealls of Florida on Wikipedia.


Contacting Bealls of Florida.

By Phone – 1-800-569-9038

Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm; Sunday 10am – 8pm (Eastern Time).


By mail (not for merchandise returns).

  • Bealls Department Stores
  • Attention: Call Center
  • P.O. Box 25207
  • Bradenton, FL 34206-5207


You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Linkedin for the latest news.


Or why not take a look at Bealls of Florida. This will give you any further info you require. Such as product lines and store locations.


bealls credit card at Bealls of Florida.

Bealls of Florida provide their own credit card. Card holders become members of their Rewards program. This provides many benefits and rewards. You can find out more at Bealls credit card info.

Mix ups often occur between the Bealls stores. Beallsflorida / Bealls Florida / Bealls of Florida is one company. Bealls Texas is another. They are two very different organizations despite the similar trades.

Bealls Texas – or BeallsTx as it is sometimes known – is a chain of US department stores. They operate under 5 department store brand names. Bealls, Goody’s, Stage, Peebles, and  Palais Royal. Between them they have over 800 stores spread across 40 states. They supply products both in their stores and online under the following categories.

bealls of texas



You can use your Bealls credit card on

  • Womens’ clothing.
  • Mens’ clothing.
  • Junior / teens clothing.
  • Kids’ clothing and toys.
  • Shoes.
  • Beauty products.
  • Accessories – such as handbags, hats, sunglasses etc.
  • Jewelry.
  • Homecare – including electronics (audio & video etc), luggage, bedding etc.


Coupons at Bealls Texas

Bealls  constantly have several offer coupons available to their customers. You could search on one of the many internet coupon sites. Or go straight to their site and enter your zip code for local Bealls coupons and news of other offers.

Working for Bealls Texas

Bealls Texas pride themselves on their employment opportunities. The benefits of working for them include:

  • Group medical and dental plans.
  • Vacation + six company days + 1 personal day annually.
  • Tax deferred 401k savings plan. They will also contribute 50% of the 1st six percent of an employees salary.
  • After tax savings plan.
  • Life insurance (paid by the company).
  • A spending account with a purchasing discount.
  • Reimbursement on tuition.
  • Accident / cancer insurance.

All job applications need to go through head office. Take a look at the careers search page. Here you can search for available jobs in your area. Then send your Bealls Texas application to:

Stage Stores

HR dept.

10201 Main Street

Houston, TX 77025

History of Bealls Texas

Archie and Robbie Bealls opened their first store in Henderson in Texas in 1923. They were soon joined by their brother Willie. The three brothers owned 3 stores by 1927 and 7 by 1930. By 1972 the chain was still owned by the Bealls family. They branched out into Oklahoma adding to their 60 stores in Texas.

In 1988 Bealls merged with Palais Royal. They became ‘Speciality Retailers Inc.’ (SRI). By 2004 they had become ‘Stage Stores’. Under this name they had also acquired the ‘Peebles‘ group as well as other groups which they had incorporated under their own 4 brand names. This was also the year they exceeded $1 billion in sales volume.

The group has also owned the ‘Goody’s’ stores since 2009.

This brings them to their present total of 800+ stores.

Take a look at Wikipedia if you would like to know more.


Contacting Bealls Texas

Do you have a question, request or comment?

Then please phone the Customer Care team on (800) 743-8730.

Monday – Saturday: 8:00am – 9:00pm C.S.T.

Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm C.S.T.


write to them at:

Attn: Customer Comments

10201 Main Street

Houston, TX 77025

You could also take a look at their website beallstx.com. This should answer any questions or queries you have. You can also see here their full product range.


Bealls Credit cards at Bealls Texas

Bealls Texas provide a competitive  Bealls credit card. All owners automatically become members of the Premier Rewards program. This provides many offers and benefits. Take a closer look at the details at Bealls credit card info.


Please be aware that there is often confusion over Bealls Texas and Bealls of Florida.